The People and the Organisation

Established in 2015, RIMS is the official administrator of copyright licences for the reproduction of karaoke and music videos for use on karaoke-on-demand (“KOD”) systems in Singapore. It also operates as a collective management organisation (CMO) and represents a number of record companies who are copyright holders of cinematographic films.

Anyone who wishes to reproduce or make use of such copyrighted materials for its commercial operations (e.g. karaoke operators) are required to obtain a license from RIMS.

Collective administration is widespread in Singapore, particularly for music performance rights, reproduction rights and communication rights. Some collective management organizations represent a few copyrights and this allows them to represent the copyright owners for that several copyrights mandated to them.


“Technology has enabled the ease of music creation and consumption. As we embrace the changes in the industry, it is our mission to enforce a strong copyright and licensing process so that generations can continue to pursue music careers creatively and professionally.”