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The obtaining of the Reproduction of Cinematographic Films License from RIMS allows operators to lawfully reproduce cinematographic films belonging to the record companies represented by RIMS.

All individuals and/or establishments that are in possession of or intend to reproduce cinematographic films either owned or exclusively licensed to the record companies represented by RIMS must apply this license.


Karaoke operators such as Karaoke Lounges and nightclubs using KOD systems

Bars, pubs and lounges with less than 4 KTV rooms that provide Karaoke facilities with KOD systems

Restaurants, government statutory boards and community centres operated by the People’s Association providing Karaoke services with KOD systems

Events where karaoke facilities using KOD System are offered on an ad hoc basis

Quick Facts


Q: What is Reproduction?

Karaoke / Music Videos within a computer or machine readable machine file or files and the use thereof entailed the storage of the said file or files onto a hard disk or other media storage for the purposes of reproduction. When a user requested a particular song, the appropriate file would then be retrieved, processed by the Karaoke On Demand (KOD)  computerised system, and inter alia, cinematographic films of karaoke and/or music videos would be fed and played to the console or screen in the room or location within the business premises from which the request had emanated.

Q: What is CMO?

A Collective Management Organisation is generally formed or appointed by copyright holders to manage the rights in their copyright works. Collective Management Organisations are appointed by copyright holders to administer the licensing of rights, collection of royalties and enforcement of rights on their behalf.

Failure to renew the license is a violation of copyrights

Any person or establishment who reproduces, without license, cinematographic films belonging to the record companies that RIMS represents will be violating and infringing copyrights. Apart from civil liability, the infringer may also be prosecuted for statutory offences under section 136 of the Copyright Act, and upon conviction, may be fined up to $20,000.00 for each infringement; or be subject to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years for each infringement.


Reproduction of KTV Videos And Cinematograph Films onto KOD Systems


CATEGORY A – Karaoke Operators such as KTV karaoke lounge and night club that provide karaoke facilities using KOD System:



Enter description text here.

CATEGORY B – Karaoke Operators such as bars, pubs and lounges with less than 4 KTV rooms and seating capacity of under 39 which provide karaoke facilities using KOD System.

S$7,480 (Per location per annum)

CATEGORY C – Karaoke facilities using KOD System operated by restaurants, government statutory boards and community centres operated by the People’s Association.

S$3,080 (Per location per annum)

CATEGORY D – Events where karaoke facilities using KOD System are offered on an ad hoc basis.

S$88 (Per day/per event) or S$275 per week


In the event that the licence term is less than one (1) calendar year (ie. 3, 6 or 9 months), the Licence Fee payable shall be pro-rated accordingly to the licence fee computed on a per annum basis, unless otherwise specified by RIMS.


  • RIMS shall have the sole discretion of determining which category an establishment falls into.
  • Capacity is taken to be the approved occupant load according to the Public Entertainment Licence.
  • Licensee shall not under any circumstances be entitled to any refund of any part of the Licence Fee, nor shall Licensee, upon the termination of this Agreement or the cessation of Licensee’s business or the relinquishment of this Licence, be entitled to transfer the Licence to any third party, whether in whole or in part.
  • For Categories A and B, no rebates or refunds of the Licence Fee or any part thereof shall be paid to Licensee in the event that it reduces the capacity of the Fixed Commercial Premises.
  • The applicable Licence Fees are subject to revision from time to time by RIMS upon written notice and shall, unless otherwise stated, apply in respect of any Renewal Term.
  • Tariffs are payable in advance unless otherwise stated.
  • All tariffs are subject to GST at the applicable rate.

Application Process



Complete and submit application forms

Download the application form below. If you are agreeable with the terms & conditions, submit the completed form along with the Performance Rights license (if applicable) to us by email.

Download Application Form (392 downloads)


Application will be reviewed by our officers

If you have any enquiries in filling the form, feel free to contact us. To speak with an officer, please email us for an appointment between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Fridays. Learn more in our FAQ section.


License will be granted upon payment

The applicant will be notified by email once the application is approved. Payment must be made before the official license is granted along with the license certificate.